Two new festivals and dreams of a writing hut…

Writing from Towersey Festival about two new (to me) festivals last weekend. Past eerie Corfe castle and the picturesque town, I eventually arrived at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival last Friday. The location and the farm site is quaint and relaxing. My first gig was on The Fire Stage, a domed affair at the bottom of the field. It was run by men called Steve who were all extremely engaging and efficient, and the empty audience area quickly and miraculously filled for the performance. The atmosphere was great and the very genial organiser, Paul Burke, sat for my whole performance, and given the demands on him as head organiser it was very flattering and reassuring to know this festival is run by someone for whom the music came first. Thank you Paul, and thank you Purbeck Folk Festival. Also good to meet up with the Fatea crew (quick plug for the Fatea’s 30th Birthday Bash in Bournemouth 2/3 November).

So then via the long haul East to Folk East in Suffolk for the rest of the weekend. Down the A12, ‘the fish run’, into the land of fens and big skies. This site, too, was beautiful, being in the grounds of a country manor with ancient oaks and gentle slopes and 3 main venues. The audience in the Moot Hall couldn’t have been better and many CDs were sold and new friends made. Thank you all who were there singing long and who came to my ‘Imagine This’ songwriting workshop and to the Broad Roots stage on Sunday. FolkEast had the feel of a medieval fair with it’s climbing wall and sideshows and strolling performers. The stalls, clothes, food etc were great for browsing.  Folk East and Purbeck are both lovely festivals which I’d recommend highly, and now for Towersey tomorrow.

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Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller