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“One of the most talented storytellers of our generation” Pennyblack Music
“Powerful and moving songwriting” Martin Chilton, The Telegraph
“A mighty songwriter and an equally fine singer” Martin Carthy

Please help us fund the making of this new album #pledgereg HERE

To book Reg for gigs, festivals, house gigs, weddings (with or without his band), song commissions, radio sessions, interviews please contact 07832 200980

I’m collecting 1000 #WordsofWelcome to victims of racism in the UK Please send me yours Thank you – Reg


December-Hi-Res Cover Final_Digital


‘DECEMBER’ vinyl is now available! ORDER HERE

REG MEUROSS previous release – an anthem for our time: ENGLAND GREEN & ENGLAND GREY ORDER HERE

“The gentle enchantment and genius of Reg Meuross” David Kidman, Fatea Magazine

“…sounds like a forgotten, American 60s classic with echoes of Dylan, Tom Paxton & Leonard Cohen” Robin Denselow, The Guardian

“Meuross, quite simply, is one of the best” 
Malcolm Carter, Pennyblack Music


Reg Meuross - The Living Tradition  2016 FolkAfter 10 album releases Reg Meuross has returned to the solo format which inspired him to write and sing in the first place.

December (released March 2016) was the first in what will be a trilogy of solo albums. The second (to be released Spring 2017) is Faraway People.

Many will know award winner Reg for the extraordinary intimacy of his live solo performances, and it’s the countless requests at these unique events for ‘the one that sounds just like what we’ve just heard’ that have inspired the production of these distinctive and entirely solo albums.

This is what people are saying.

To book Reg for gigs, festivals, house gigs, weddings (with or without his band), song commissions, radio sessions, interviews please contact 07832 200980

Reg Meuross

Reg Meuross

“Intelligent and thought-provoking songs, beautifully made and skilfully delivered” The Times

“Calling Meuross a singer-songwriter really doesn’t do the man justice. Meuross doesn’t write lines of lyrics. He writes short stories then sets them to some of the most captivating melodies you’ll ever hear.” Pennyblack Music

“Magnificent powerful and moving” Pete Townshend

Click HERE or ‘gig’s for full listings.

Click HERE for a taster of Reg’s music

Reg Meuross December

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter