All this longing – Lyrics & Chords


 G                                                        C

Voices shatter on the high glass ceiling

G                                                               C

The sun burns off the early morning rain

G                              D (F#Bass)                 Em

Mothers wave to damp-eyed children leaving

        D                                          C

And Angelina’s waiting for a train

The ticket master dreams of lonely places

That he’s intent on visiting some day

He tries to read the journeys on their faces

But Angelina gives nothing away

        D          G                   C 

She ran so fast and she ran so long

D                     G                              C    Em  D      

But she’d forgot what she was running from

                           G                              C         Em

Last night she called her mother on the phone

G   D G  C    Em  D   G

Angelina’s coming home

Swallows nest inside the station’s arches

Safe beneath their glass and iron sky

But sunlight never falls upon their feathers

And there’s no wind to speed them where they fly

Tired of the eyes of men upon her

Weary of their whispers and their lies

Romance  has lost its hold on Angelina

She stares into her mobile phone and cries

THE HEART OF ANN LEE    F (Capo 5th fret and play in C)                                  

Intro: C   /Csus /C   /Csus  

           C                    G                        C         F

From Manchester town she was driven away

C                      G                   C              G

Tortured and tormented day after day

C                   F                     C         F

Married by force by her father betrayed

C                     G            F      C

Scars on the heart of Ann Lee

Her father a blacksmith with brethren in fire

Blind to her will he condemned her desire

To a bed lain with embers of love unrequired

Fire in the heart of Ann Lee

Freed from the prisons of impotent men

Four children taken before they were ten

Her womb was their shroud and their making her sin

Scars on the heart of Ann Lee

     F                     C          F                G   /F    /C

    Ann Lee was crazy – crazy with love

Raised by the angels their breath was her balm

From beating and stoning they kept her from harm

On her flight to America oceans they calmed

Peace in the heart of Ann Lee

    F                     C          F                 C

    Ann Lee was crazy – crazy with love

     F                    C          F                  G   /F   /C    /G

    Ann Lee was crazy – crazy with god

When the shakers of Lebanon joined in the fight

War all around them they fought for the right

To swear no allegiance except to the light

The light in the heart of Ann Lee

On the blazing horizon the feet of her lord

Her mother and father Ann daughter of god

In forty eight years all she kissed was the word

The word from the heart of Ann Lee

LOOKING FOR JOHNNIE RAY    D    (Capo 2nd fret & play in C)

INTRO: C   /C   /Em   /Em   /F    /F   /C   /G

        C                                Em

She leans in the doorway  tears stream down her face

F                                      C       G

watching the highway lights

               C                                          Em

And the man who upset her well she knows he’ll forget her

                  F                                 G

And those all too few and tender nights

               Am                                   Dmaj7

And the guard on the beat crosses over the street

              C             Em    Am7  

And he asks her if she is ok

Am7(G bass)   Dmaj7                          Bb

She says “I’m tired of hard men with walls all around them

               C               Csus  C  G

And I’m looking for Johnnie Ray”

He asks her for coffee she says “you mean coffee?”

He smiles and he points down the street

The soft moonlight glistens sad-eyed she listens

Did she just hear her heart skip a beat?

They sit over coffee he speaks to her softly

In a strong and a vulnerable way

she looks in his eyes thinking ‘that’s some disguise

I was looking for Johnnie Ray’

G                  Gsus  G F   /F G  C

Looking for Johnnie Ray

          Am                                  Dmaj7

“All I want is a guy who’s not too tough to cry

                    Bb                                       F

Who’ll stay up when the nights are too long

        Am                                      Bb

If he wants to play hero let him be like DeNiro

        F                                           G   /G  G7

Not scared to own up when he’s wrong”

They walked home in the rain and he sang that refrain

She’d heard Johnnie sing so many times

They stood on the step she was tired of regret

So she kissed him and asked him inside

He put ‘look homeward angel’ on her worn out dansette

And they danced all the darkness away

She looked  in his eyes and when he asked her why

She said “I’m looking for Johnnie Ray”


 (I play this in DADGAD or you can drop the bass E to D and play these chords)       

D                                  A    D                        A

In the cathedral of the trees beneath a starry sky

G                                        D                                            A

Where every light looking down on the kingdom of the clowns   


Is an ancestral eye

And the whispers on the breeze are the voices of my race

And the man in the moon who sings an ancient tune    

Has my grandfather’s face

Crack the ice upon the lake sing the songs of yesterday

All the stories written then will be written out again

In a more familiar way

I sit and watch the children play kicking up my childhood dirt

My mother’s voice in dust remains and the blood within these veins

Stained my grandfather’s shirt

G                                  D

And you who hold the seeds of love

A                               Bm

From the gardener’s hand

G                                 D                                    A

Songs of love written then will be written out again


For new hearts to understand

My father’s breath against the frost  the scent of apples from our tree

Bittersweet the taste of youth on my lips these are the truth    

Of the song I sing to thee

Find the nest steal the egg until I know my right from wrong

Now the bird is on the wing the melody she sings

Is my grandfather’s song

You who would protect the seeds

That are not yours to own

A selfishly protected root bears only bitter fruit

Let the seeds be sown

With your self-appointed trust look your hands are full of dust

Let the seeds be sown.



E                              A                   E                A

She came from the west with her pencils and paint

       E                                                           B7

He came from the east with his Spanish guitar

                 E                A               E                A

She drew portraits of ladies and sinners and saints

     E                                  B7               E

To sell in the market and trade in the bar

She came down the drovers’ lane deep in the wood

Where the feet of the old ones had trampled the moss

At rest by her fire in the twilight he stood

The guitar on his back made the sign of a cross

E                A          E                      B7        E

Down the drover’s road where the rovers drove

           A           E                  A            E

Their cattle to market their ponies to town

       A                  E                  B7

She lay there all night in his arms

           C#m              B7      A

Til the moon came sailing down

Her hair was as black as the sloe in the hedge

Her eyes were as deep and as brown as the oak

He put down his guitar and he sat on the ledge

She unbuckled her boots and in a soft voice she spoke

    A                      E          A                        E

“I eat when I’m hungry I drink when I’m dry

   A                       E                               B7

I walk when I’m ready I sleep when I can

           A               E                     A                   E      B7

If you sing me a love song let it end with goodbye

          E                                       B7              E

For  I won’t give my heart to a travelling man”

Then he sang her a love song as blue as the night

As sharp as the nails and as soft as a lamb

Of a girl with the hands of a painter in light

Of the deep holy night and the love of a man

“I eat when I’m hungry I drink when I’m dry

I walk when I’m ready I sleep when I can

I’ll sing you a song with no word of goodbye

And will you give your heart to a travelling man”


D                     G

If you love me let me know

D                              A

Don’t just close the door and go

D                          G

And if you shed a tear for me

D                             A

Turn your face and let me see

Bm                         G               D

I want to hold you oh so much

D                      A               D

I need love that I can touch

D                              G

Love that will wash over me

D                           A          D

Like the shoreline and the sea

I knew a man who lived alone

I met him by my fireside

He watched the dying flame and moaned

“I can’t recall when last I cried

I know I had a lover once

She used to come and go with me

We were happy in the dance

Like the shoreline and the sea”

G                       D

I’m not asking for the moon

       A               D

Its light is all I need

        G                      Bm

And I’m not asking for the sun

        Em                  A   /A7

Just let it shine on me

I knew a girl whose heart was broke

She brought it out to show to me

Her hands were warm her lips were cold

She sat all day and watched the sea

Oh save me from a fate so cruel

Speak your mind be straight with me

Love be constant love be true

Like the shoreline and the sea


C                F    C        G

If I should fall from you

C                   F      C  G

Too weak to hold onto

F              G   C    F         G   C

Don’t let me slip or lose my grip

F             G    C           G   G7

We built this ship for two

If I should fall from grace

Where no one knows this place

Don’t let me go   down below

Save me and show your face

C                 F    C      G    G7

 If I should fall from grace

When morning brings the day 

and you dreamed I went away

Don’t mope about don’t scream and shout

Just come right out and say you dreamed I went away

     Bb                  F              C

     Your story’s my story now

     Bb                      F                      G              G7    C

     Your journey’s my journey if time will allow

If I’m the one you need

Don’t shout the odds with me

Don’t make me guess or feign dis-interest

Say you more or less agree if I’m the one you need

If I’m the last to know 

I’ve let your feelings go

If I’ve been blind don’t be kind

Just speak your mind I’ll know if I’m the last to know


(I play this in DADGAD with Capo on 3rd. Or you can play it as written here in C Capo 5th)

C                                G        C                                               G

Thomas waits for the van to come in the house that he was born in

C                                   G               C                   Csus C  G       C

Redcliffe shines in the milk white sun of a misty Bristol morning

C                                                F          C                                                          G

“Stop your dreaming Tom” his mother cries “you’ve got your flask and your pork pies

C                                            G           C                                         Csus C   G                 

You’re a working boy I’ve a home to run and we can’t eat words and we can’t spend rhymes”

              F        C             G           C                F                           G

And the van is late some time to dream over Redcliffe’s golden spires

Am        G                 Am  G  F       C             G             C

Thomas waits for the van to come and in his eyes are fires

The van arrives with the laughing boys their cigarettes and their chatter

Tom fills his overalls with poems their foolish talk doesn’t matter

They talk of football they talk of girls cars and bars and fashion

Tom’s alone in his troubled head with his poetry and his passion

And a tram line track like a lightning bolt from the consecrated ground

Throws sparks in the veins of the Redcliffe boy and draws the bright stars down

“Wake up Tom” the foreman shouts “I don’t pay you for thinking

You can go to church on a Sunday boy monday is for working”

Tom swings his pick in the frozen earth his city’s renovation

Hitler’s bombs stripped the pretty stones of romance and fascination

But Tom goes where on the spiral stair the ghost of a poet wanders

Eclipsed by his death his final breath in Redcliffe’s tower still thunders

The sirens scream and the spotlights glare at Tom on Redcliffe’s spire

His mother cries and the vicar begs “Tom don’t climb any higher”

As he scatters poems on the heads below a voice at his shoulder speaks

“It’s a good life Tom don’t turn and run this way is for the weak”

And he turns to the face of the Redcliffe boy the fiery truth in his eyes

“It was bad love, drugs and stupidity and it’s history that lies “

“Come down come down you Redcliffe boy come down into these arms

We were foolish then and we’re foolish now and we let you come to harm”

Tom looked around for the Redcliffe boy but his ghost was laid in the stone

and the words that he said filled his heart and his head and Tom came down alone


E  (Capo 4 play in C)          

Intro:   C   /C (remove 2nd finger)/F   / Am7

C                                                        C – 2nd

When you were young and precious daddy’s little girl

                   F                                                Am7

With your mother to protect you from the strangers in this world

                  C                                                            C – 2nd                        

There were monsters in the moonlight there were faces in the clouds

                 F                                                                      Am7

But she’d hold you in her sweet strong arms and she’d call your name out loud

         G                                                 Am7             F

And dad would make his fingers into birds and animals

                                         C   /C – 2nd /F    /Am7

Funny shadows on the wall

Now you lay in bed for hours you wanna sleep but you just cry

And you ask yourself what happened and you ask yourself why

It’s like everything is useless it’s like everybody’s gone

And you lie there feeling helpless what’s the sense in going on

And you wake up with the terror and inside the burning ball

And shadows on the wall

C                          G  Am7

shadows on the wall

   F                          C

shadows on the wall

Now the doctor says he’ll help you your daddy said that too

And you just want to please them the way that pleasers do

But deep inside you know it’s time to break free of those chains

Don’t take the pills don’t take the shit don’t play their grown up game

And know that I’m beside you if you run or if you crawl

And they’re just shadows on the wall

You fought for independence you fought for love and truth

For the freedom of your children to enjoy their strength and youth

It was you who stood beside me in the dark night of my soul

That little girl grew up to be the one who made me whole

The hands of those who love you make cradles when you fall

And shadows on the wall


D                     G             D             A

Stained by the light of a blood-red sun

D                           G                   D             A

Dragged from the hill where the soldiers come

D            G            F#m        G

A trail of crimson bleeds to black

D                         G     D                A

He scratches the lines in the stadium

               G            D    /A

That he hides in a shoe

Lines on the lips of 5,000 men

A story begun without knowing the end

Though it’s hard to sing when he sings of pain

The singer raises his voice again

A         G   D                 A  D

“Venceremos  –  Venceremos” 

D   /G  D  A

Six men chosen and six men die

Six stars fall from September skies

The hands that worked in freedom’s fields

Make the sign of a cross one last time

Santiago  –  Santiago

His conviction his legacy

For the men of the fields and the factory

He sings their silence he sings their dreams

In his last breath he sings their victory

Victor Jara – Victor Jara

A heart of earth stopped by a fascist gun

Joe Hill knew he wasn’t the only one

It takes more than a gun to kill a man

They shot him down but his song goes on

Victor Jara  –  Victor Jara

THE BITTER WIND    F  (Capo 5th play in C)

C                               F

The sweetest girl he ever saw

C                                       F

Walked by his house one day

F                   C        G          C  F                   C                 G            C

The sun that fell upon her face the way she walked with ease and grace

F                    C                G         F             C                     F

He swore that he would take his place beside her arm in arm

She turned her head and caught his eye

And fire shot through his veins

And in that single moment then he heard her vow to be his bride

He heard her whisper where and when he saw it in her eyes

Am             F     G   F           C    Am                  F     G      F            C

But like a ghost she hurried on – She spoke no word and then was gone

Am            F        G         F                    Gsus / G

a crimson cloud passed through the sun

C                       F     C                   F   C                         F                   C        F

He watched her fade her cloak of red, the wind blown leaves cried in his head

Am                  F          Am              F              C                                F

‘your darling will be yours’ they said ‘but you must win her heart’

He waited out upon the moor

As from the church she came

Another walked beside her there he held her hand and kissed her hair

To see them so he could not bear the voices cried ‘revenge’

To Tavistock he walked that day

And bought himself a gun

To win her heart he tried in vain the wind implored him ‘try again’

But she just laughed, he cried the rain, they stole away the sun

He waited out upon the moor – The sky turned black his anger roared

and from the church he watched them walk

His pistol cracked the man fell dead – he put the gun to her sweet head

He shot her then to his own head he fired two more rounds

But by his hand he could not die

He grazed his head and lost an eye

Into the water leapt in vain but drowning would not end his pain

They brought him back and healed his wound that they might stretch him well

To Exeter they took him down

The judge pronounced him fit to hang

His pleas of madness eased no blame his mother cried the family shame

On Dartmoor still none speak his name but for that bitter wind

That cruel and bitter wind


E                     Esus E           A

Tears are falling      tears of rage

              B7         E       B7

Our sad story on every page

              E        Esus  E                 A

Tears of longing          tears of grief

          E          Esus  E       B7       E

Sail away no more come back to me

Birds are flying east winds blow

See me crying every time you go

Heartsick sailors called to sea

Sail away no more come back to me

E         A            C#m

Like a boat on a sea

       E               Esus E          B7

Far away from land and safety

           A               C#m

Like a leaf from a tree

             E              Esus   E   B7          E

Shaken loose and blown away from me

Widows grieving silent men

Brave hearts broken never beat again

One man missing drifting free

Sail away no more come back to me

All songs by Reg Meuross

Copyright  2010  HAT002

Published by Bug Music International

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller