Good with his hands

my father was a carpenter he made things out of wood and he made them strong and he made them good he took me out on sundays to gather fallen trees we’d find treasures in the bushes and pennies in … Continue reading

On Roslyn Banks

on roslyn banks she held me close as the night came gently ’round and through the trees a soft rain fell and the silver moon looked down she said it was the evening’s chill that made her hold me so … Continue reading

Your face again

sometimes i don’t know where i am sometimes i don’t know where i’ve been i’ve been running around since you’ve been gone you should see the state i’m in i just want to see your face again there’s gonna be … Continue reading

The man in the moon

i took a walk one night just to ease my head i had a lot of things on my mind a lot of words that hadn’t been said i sat down on a cemetery bench to watch the clouds roll … Continue reading

Just like an angel

seems like a long time seems like a long way back you’re getting ready looking for something black and you say you’ll be along in your own sweet time don’t ask me why i’m crying you look just like an … Continue reading

The priest’s letter

as i walked one night where the ships come in i saw someone walk before me he was quick & slight though I bid goodnight he had chosen to ignore me i’d come to this place on the run from … Continue reading

Back door man

tonight i’ll be your back door man i’ll be eating right out of your hand we’re made for each other like ostrich and sand tonight i’ll be your back door man i’m waving my family goodbye they’re gone in the … Continue reading


up in her kitchen above the commotion emily stands with her hands in the sink and watches the sun go down over the westway the sky and her hands an identical pink four stories down in the west london traffic … Continue reading

And Jesus wept

the moon is slowly sinking the final moon i’ll see my head is tired of thinking there’s just the rosary an empty place at table and my mother’s eyes are wet the hand of god came down last night and … Continue reading

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