New Video on Youtube of Worry No More with The Stringbean Quartet

Filmed in Crewkerne Church, July 11

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Brand new review of Reg’s CD The Dreamed and the drowned on Folk Radio site

Brand new review on the Folk Radio site of Reg’s new CD The Dreamed and the Drowned.
“one of the best singer/songwriters of our time…. The man is an exceptional teller of tales, a true voice of the people!”

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Valentine (from the album Dragonfly) by Reg Meuross

I wrote ‘Valentine’ after reading about the killing of friendly fire of Lance-Corporal Matty Hull in Iraq by American pilots in March 2003. I became aware of the story on February 14th, 2007 when I saw online that The Sun were boasting of a link to a graphic video of the incident. I thought it was a disgusting invasion of the privacy of Matty’s family to use such a tragic event in this way. And the circumstances seemed particularly poignant on Valentine’s day when a young widow might feel the loss of her loved one even more acutely.

The album Dragonfly has been re-issued (2019) and is now available HERE.


Some articles & interviews by Reg for Acoustic Magazine

Texas House Concerts 2008

From Crewkerne to California. Feb 08

Interview with the Blonde on Blonde photographer Jerry Schatzbertg, March 09

Interview with the guitarist Sam Carter October 09

The influence of Bob Dylan, March 09

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Folk Radio excellent new review of All this Longing

Online Folk-Radio have just posted up a new 5 star review of All this Longing. It’s a fantastic Roots & Acoustic station and well worth checking out. Read the review here:

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New CD Review in Maverick Magazine Jan 2011

Reg Meuross


Hatsongs Records HAT002

**** (and 1/2)

take a listen to singer-songwriter Reg Meuross and his latest folkcountry CD

In many respects a throwback to the 1970s singer-songwriter movement, Reg Meuross expertly weaves his talents throughout this, his sixth album with polished style and grace. His style can best be described as Clifford T Ward meets Allan Taylor. His musicianship is superior and his lyrics are very true to life. He explores the human psyche through compelling yarns, many informed by real events and people. A master storyteller, he marries richly vivid lyrics with memorable melodies as on the marvellous Looking For Johnnie Ray, a sad-tinged ballad about a lonely woman and a chance late-night meeting with a man with a sympathetic ear. Much darker is The Bitter Wind, the grim story of the 19th century Peter Tavy double murder on Dartmoor—this is a lengthy tale, but with an insistent rhythm and his clear soulful vocal your attention never wavers until the dying moments of this classic folk yarn. A song that should be passed down through the ages. Basically an acoustic, guitar-driven set, Reg takes his well-crafted songs and turns them into warm and inviting pieces with his cast of talented  musicians. He plays acoustic, tenor and high strung guitars, harmonica, Appalachian dulcimer and keyboards, all pinned down by the solid rhythm section of Simon Edwards (bass) and Roy Dodds (drums, percussion) with additional colouring courtesy of Jackie Oates (viola and string  arrangements), Paul Sartin (oboe, violin), Bethany Porter (cello) and Andy Cutting (accordion). Throughout his voice is sincere while his narratives have heartfelt values. A collection of stunning songs that has appeal to both the discerning country music listener, folk fans and the more rootsy Americana lovers. AC

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New Videos of Album Launch on Youtube 5/12/10

Barry has posted some videos from the album launch in Bridport with the full band and The Holywell Rooms with me & Beth.


Sail away no more. Reg & Beth, The Holywell Rooms, Oxford.

The Man in Edward Hopper’s Bar:

Reg with Jackie Oates, The Dreamed and the Drowned Bridport:

Reg Solo – Fool’s Gold

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Review for new album in this month’s Acoustic Magazine

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And Jesus wept

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Lizzie loved a highwayman

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller