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I’m releasing a single track from my forthcoming album (Faraway People). It’s ‘Nurse – Angel In A Blue Dress’ on Friday 24 February. What can a song do? I hope at the very least it will offer some acknowledgement to these people who are doing one of the most vital jobs there is, under extreme pressure and in near impossible conditions. I also want to draw attention to the crisis in the NHS.

Please buy, listen to and lobby your MP, and let’s do anything we can to stop the gradual privatisation of a service that has been the envy of the world in terms of health care for so long. If you have any connections in the NHS who you think might be interested in the song, please get in touch.

Meanwhile please help our fundraising campaign for the album, which will be released in June. It’s another completely solo album and a return to more historical stories and social comment along with a couple of love songs. Please pre-order, donate, book me up and support the making of this next album. HERE


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2017 heralds a new solo album from Reg Meuross. Faraway People is a fresh collection of songs which comment bravely on life as he sees it, bringing wide ranging stories, from the ravages of austerity and the injustice of the plight of refugees, to some of most beautifully disarming lyrics ever written. Reg has that rare gift of being able to touch people through his songs and performance, on a really human level. His words and music paint pictures that remain with the listener long after the song has been sung.

Reg Meuross is a true modern troubadour, representing contemporary English folk writing at its best. “There’s something special about the way he writes and delivers a song” Townes Van Zandt. His appearances at folk clubs and festivals throughout the UK and abroad, and his highly acclaimed solo albums have now established his songs as ‘the hinges upon which swing the doors of perceptive English folk’ (Folkwords).

“One of the most talented storytellers of our generation” Pennyblack Music
“Powerful and moving songwriting” Martin Chilton, The Telegraph
“A mighty songwriter and an equally fine singer” Martin Carthy

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller