Save Independent Music Venues – Fightback at the Roundhouse 18 Oct 2016

Reg Meuross #folk #singersongwriter #independentmusicvenues  #fightbackI see independent music venues as the lifeblood of new & established creative music in Britain. Without them the corporates & the X-Factor style TV shows will win their fight to persuade the music buying public that music is simply about fame & fortune, about commerciality & formula.
Independent venues promoting open mics, folk & acoustic sessions, pub rock, garage, indie (you name it) are the coalface of free expression and unrestricted creativity. Without them only a tiny percentage of those who toe the corporate line will get their chance & they will be sucked into a machine that doesn’t understand live music or its place in community & the unity of like minded souls who like their entertainment real.
The best folk, rock & indie musicians this country can offer have learned their chops & proved their worth in live independent venues. If we lose them, we are just Karaoke.
Come and support this cause on 18 Oct at the Music Venue Trust concert at the Roundhouse London TICKETS HERE

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