Finishing off the night at Hebden Folk Roots Festival

Continuing the festival season with Hebden Folk Roots Festival at the weekend. It was great to finish off the night (before the disco of course) at the wonderful Hebden Bridge Trades Club.

Earlier in the day I was lucky to catch the marvellous Henry Parker demonstrate some masterful finger picking in the old style, not only on his own excellent songs but also in a rare performance and discussion of the previously lost songs of the late Trevor Beales. I believe there’s an album in the offing and Henry’s definitely worth checking out.

Sadly I missed a lot as I wanted to take in some of the town, with its canals and old mill buildings and stacks, but I managed to catch most of Living With Machines – Band. They played an excellent mix of new and trad industrial songs with beautiful harmonies as well as a fine mix of instruments.

My heart jumped to see a banjo and dulcimer in the same band! Also caught a bit of the brilliant singer, political activist and We Shall Overcome legend Joe Solo. It felt like he was so popular we had to hang off an overhang in the Fox & Goose rock garden…sort of an apt location really!It was great to run into some good friends having a day off, including Steve Tilston & Katie Spencer.

Sound by Jason and stage managing by Dave Boardman. Altogether a proper day out! Thanks Scott Gouldsbrough Photography for this and other photos.

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller