Mike Harding plays My Jerusalem

Mike Harding has described ‘Leaves & Feathers’ as ‘stunning’. and played the track ‘My Jerusalem’ on his second new podcast radio show, saying “My Jerusalem takes a long look at Blake’s idea of this ‘green and pleasant land’. It pulls no punches but does it in a very subtle way.  A beautiful and intelligent song… he’s a great songwriter that guy” www.mikehardingfolkshow.com

5 Responses to Mike Harding plays My Jerusalem

  1. John Russell says:

    Discerning chap that Harding fella. I first found Reg when listening to Mike Harding on Radio 2.

    Thanks Mike

  2. Bill Porter says:

    Me too John – ‘My Jerusalem’ what a wonderful song

  3. Carol Fry says:

    I first heard Reg on the Mike Harding radio show as well. He played ‘Sail Away No More’ which has always been my favourite Meuross song.

  4. Deacon Torano says:

    Reg Meuross is my uncle, and his singing his great my favourite song he sang was ”One Last Time. Keep the singing on Reg, Pippa says ”hello”. from your nephew Deacon Torano.

  5. Ben chandler says:

    my favourite is Jesus wept

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