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  1. admin says:

    Looking forward to this gig, Reg. I’m sure it will be a huge success 🙂

  2. Stephen Jordan says:

    This is going to be an epic gig! Tell all your friends!

  3. Paul Hayles says:

    I’m really looking forward to this concert. Having not seen you perform for more years than I care to think of it’s going to be a real treat for me (and others).

  4. robert pembroke says:

    Hello Reg, are you planning any concerts near to the dagenham area?

  5. Richard Stevens says:

    Utterly wonderful!

  6. Paul Hayles says:

    What a great gig!!! I was bowled over by the high standard of musicianship, great lyrics and that sweet voice. Get to see Reg when you can!!!

  7. admin says:

    It was a fantastic night, and a beautiful performance. Thanks for the invite, Reg.

  8. John says:

    Sorry I have to confess I knew nothing about your music until hearing you last night in Bridport. Wow! Thank you so much for a memorable evening. What a wonderful set of musicians performing and what a truly great new album you have, every song a winner. Thanks again to everybody concerned.

  9. Rachel Wilkins says:

    Hi, Just wanted to say that I think this song is beautiful. Heard it in the car yesterday and have rarely been moved to find out more about a track being played on the radio! Where can I get a copy of it?

  10. andy mccourt says:

    the song is available on a compilation cd called “Rains Came Down” cost £5.All profits going to West Cumbrian charities- just give send me some details and will post a cd out to you– andy mccourt

  11. andy mccourt says:

    the e mail address for the cd is our site is

    andy mccourt

    • Fiona Spink says:

      Is it still possible to buy a copy of the CD with Rains Came Down on it? I’ve been waiting for its release ever since I heard it on Radio 2 a year ago. I have just searched and found this mention of the song. I’m happy to pay £5.

      • Reg says:

        Hi Fiona, You can order a copy of the song directly from me, it is on my CD called The Dreamed and the Drowned available from my website. Best, Reg.

  12. alan bevan says:

    a lovely song Reg..

  13. Wend Rice says:

    Tears at the heartstrings, very moving song

  14. Paul M Russell says:

    Listen to the lyrics, the tune, the playing and singing to know the man’s a genious.

  15. I first experienced Jack’s songs in the Village where he was playing. I saw the marquee listing and had to go in to see who was using our name. What I heard was sympatico with what I painted about. After the set I introduced myself to him and he seemed a bit sceptical about the name, but was ultimately accepting. We became close friends; I enjoyed his pasta dinners on Houston St. and his many music friends. I did album covers with his portrait, met his family and spent weekends in Connecticut; went to most of his gigs. I treasured his friendship and most of his music. I particularly liked “Houston Street”. Can’t quite say how much I”ll miss him. F

    Jeff in 9/11, and now Jack. But their music still lives.

    Good-bye dear friend.

    John Hardy

  16. Simon Twigg says:

    Thanks for posting these chords, Reg. I enjoyed playing and singing Angelina’s Coming Home as my wife listened on and as the children were getting ready for bedtime stories. A perfect midsummer’s evening.
    All the best to you and looking forward to picking up your latest CD when I next see you on the road.

  17. Barbara Baldwin says:

    ‘He was good with his hands’ Hooray!
    Unusually, I heard something new that I liked on Mike Harding’s request programme tonight! It turns out you’ve been around for ages. I can’t understand how I’ve missed you till now….

  18. kyle lowry says:

    “he was good with his hands is on his album ” short stories” , a must, some beautiful lyrics and music .
    you will enjoy every track, saw him in belfast a few years ago , he was excellent

  19. Simon Twigg says:

    Thanks for posting these chords, Reg.
    I played my first open mic session last week, and there were murmurs of approval when I said I’d start with a Reg Meuross song.
    I played and sang Angelina’s Coming Home. Butterflies in my stomach, but elated when I came off the stage to applause, pats on the back and smiles.
    Thanks for your beautiful songs and hope to see you on the road when you come down Exeter way again.

  20. David Wheeler says:


    Is it possible to have the chords for The Dreamed & Drowned?

    Looking forward to seeing you with Tom next year.



  21. terri eley says:

    Just thanks. Your work has enriched my life

  22. Mark Marshall says:

    Hi! Just to say what a fantastic gig on Weds.First soloish gig of yours i’ve seen!am now encouraged to write my own lyrics! I write poetry and am trying to see if anyone, including yourself could write a song around them.I alas can’t read music, but seem to have an ‘ear’ to pick up tunes and sing them!
    hope to come to Torrington to see you, ifnot definitely Crewkerne!! Thanks for such inspirational music! Regards Mark Marshall.

  23. Heather Ballantyne says:

    Great concert at Orton with Beth. Hope you manage to write one about the pregnant angel church sometime.

  24. steve and cathy parry says:

    Loved Emily’s Pages on Youtube; see you soon I have no doubt

  25. steve and cathy parry says:

    Looking forward hugely to the new album Reg. We will see you ‘live’ again in the near future for sure – somewhere in South West

  26. Mike Williams says:

    When will you be doing some gigs in the north.

  27. Eric says:

    Another excellent album of songs by Reg with just the right amount of backing. Bethany Porter’s cello playing is sublime. Hope the idea of stripped back recording catches on with other artistes.

  28. John Russell says:

    Discerning chap that Harding fella. I first found Reg when listening to Mike Harding on Radio 2.

    Thanks Mike

  29. Bill Porter says:

    Me too John – ‘My Jerusalem’ what a wonderful song

  30. Carol Fry says:

    I first heard Reg on the Mike Harding radio show as well. He played ‘Sail Away No More’ which has always been my favourite Meuross song.

  31. Helen Meissner says:

    can’t stop playing this over and over again – I hope there is no limit to the times I can stream it !

  32. Nia Maxwell says:

    Beautifully written, played and sung. I can’t see the keyboard for crying, just beautiful and says so much in such a gentle way. You are a genius.

  33. Ian Woolley says:

    Stumbled upon Reg’s new song My Name Is London Town from his new album and glad we did.What a fine voice he has with a polished performance.If all his album tracks are like this then he will surely be lifted to a new level!

  34. Janet Applegarth says:

    Eight folks of a “certain” age from Embleton Northumberland so much enjoyed being part of the film of your recording of “My Jerusalem”. Some of us thought it was a bit cynical and others thought it was “spot on”.
    Our favourite story and song was about the violin from the Titanic. A wellknown journalist called W T Stead who did much good work to protect young women died on the Titanic. He was born in Embleton.
    You have extended your fan club! All good wishes.

  35. Denise brown says:

    Please van I be added to any email listvreg may have of future workshops and gigs many thanks
    Denise !

  36. mike pearce says:

    A new singer to me until this years “Village Punp” but what a great songwriter.Leaves and Feathers is a wonderful album and “come back and love me”is such a beautiful sad song makes this 68 year old cynic quite tearfull.

  37. Colin says:

    Are the lyrics available somewhere ?
    I can’t find them

  38. Jim Schwabe says:

    Looking forward to your Cambridge workshop.

  39. Hi Reg,
    Congratulations on some really great reviews! Looking forward to welcoming you to ‘sunny’ South Africa – hopefully by the time you arrive (which is in just over 2 weeks time), our summer will be in full swing 🙂
    Looking forward to Marianne’s birthday bash with great anticipation! Warm Regards Hilary George (Cape Town, South Africa)

  40. Peter Warburton says:

    I have now been lucky enough to see you perform at the Albert Hall, the Ram, Camden Town and St James’ Church – all lovely events. I’m sure you will have a great time in Cape Town where I used to live in the 70s. My brother lives near Durbanville and I have told him he must see you !

  41. Graham Paddock says:

    Wonderful that you have come to Cape Town. I look forward to seeing you at the Alma Cafe!

  42. Graham Paddock says:

    It was GREAT!

    As I recall, we kept you going for 40 minutes after the scheduled time!

    Thank you.

  43. Mel Langton says:

    Congratulations Reg,

    so very well deserved : )

    Looking forward to seeing you soon at the
    Waveney FC

    Kindest regards,


  44. Pauline MItchell says:

    Hi Reg, firstly congratulations on the FATEA award win, along with Ange Hardy who won the female award as you know. Ange is quite a fan of yours as I am, I’m also a fairly new but enthusiastic fan of hers as well. I have recently bought your ‘All This Longing ‘ album and coming from Bristol my first listen was to the song you wrote based on the Boy Poet Thomas Chatterton, who of course came from Redcliffe but sadly died in a garrett in London aged just 18. I have now read the words to this lovely song, using a modern day Tom as the topic matter and his love for the original Thomas. I love this song very much as coming from Bristol I know the story of Thomas Chatterton and of course have been in St Mary Redcliffe church quite a few times. If you have time can you let me / us know why you were inspired to write this song, but I assume it was partially as you too know of the short, sad life of Thomas Chatterton. Thanks in advance for any information you can share. Lastly I also love your songs ‘ My Name Is London Town ‘ which is on your ‘Leaves and Feathers ‘ album which I have on order, as the video to it is as excellent as the song lyrics and melody. I also appreciate your song ‘ Counting My Steps To You ‘ and I have shared the video of you singing it on the balcony of the Sidmouth CC on 26 June last year. My husband Paul,who I was married to for 43 years, passed away on 9 October 2012 in Southmead Hospital here in Bristol. For the last 6 years of his life he had Alzeimer’s disease progressively getting worse of course until he couldn’t remember us, but we looked after him at home until the final week when he had to be hospitalized and he died of a combination of End-stage Alzheimer’s disease and Bronchopneumonia. The words to this song express how Paul would have been mentally to a degree and although the words are a bit upsetting to listen to they nevertheless explain how people with this dreadful illness become. Paul was just 65 years old so far too young to leave his family and friends. Are there any plans to record this song please, as I will certainly buy any album it features on. You may like to know that a friend of mine in St Paul, Minnesota, USA listened to this song on FB and she said she likes it very much. Sorry this has been a long comment but hope you have found the time to read it all. Keep up the excellent song writing. I believe Ange is coming to see you soon and no doubt will have a chat with you. She told me she met you briefly awhile ago. Thanks very much for your beautiful songs. Best wishes, Pauline Mitchell,Henbury, Bristol.

    • Reg says:

      Dear Pauline,

      Thankyou for taking the time to write. Firstly i’m very sorry to hear the news of your husband. i have played a few care homes now and seen the devastating effects dementia can have on both the patient and the families. Thankyou for sharing the song, it has had some very positive reactions.

      Redcliffe Boy was written to express my opinion that it was very unlikely Thomas committed suicide. I wrote it in that manner because i am aware how young impressionable people are inclined to follow their heroes and because tom was in a way the first ‘Rock n roll suicide’ i was aware that many younger people admired him more for the nature of his death than his work. i believe tom was a brilliant, intelligent young man with everything to live for and that his death was an accident caused by an overdose of arsenic, administered in a laudanum haze to treat the SDi that he had.

      Best Wishes, Reg

  45. Martin says:

    Really pleased for you Reg… and thank you for the wonderful music !

    Hoping to see you in Bath on Sunday


  46. Ralph Atherton says:

    My wife Margaret and heard Reg on Mike Harding’s folk show and made a point of seeing him in Settle. He is a brilliant songwriter, singer and musician – and we enjoyed his verbal introductions and humour too. We were so keen to see him again, we even crawled through the rush hour traffic from Stockport to Wigan to his gig at Wigan parish church on Friday 28 March where he was equally brilliant. (Finding our way out of Wigan to M6 afterwards was not so brilliant!) Thanks Reg, and thanks Mike for introducing us to him.

  47. Pauline ( Paw) Mitchell says:

    Hi, I now have the new album by Reg entitled ‘ England Green & England Grey ‘ and would like to be able to read the lyrics to the 12 songs on it. Unfortunately they aren’t included in the liner notes but it does say that lyrics ara available on Reg’s website. However I can’t seem to find them there, just lyrics from songs on previous albums. Maybe I’m not looking properly so can anyone advise me where to find the lyrics to the new songs please. Thanks, Paw x

  48. Tamsin says:

    Hi Pauline, did you find them? I think they are all here:

  49. kevin greenwood says:

    Love the new album. Your best yet. I paticularly like the slight country music feel of River,rail and road.
    Please come up to Bury Met sometime. Greater Manchesters home of Folk music.

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  51. Terence McCarthaigh says:

    Heard you sing the song at Midsomer Norton on the 24th February.
    A deeply moving song about a poorly known act of defiance, courage and faith. I meant to ask if you knew it was close to the anniversary of Sophie, Hans and Christoph Probst’s beheading on the 22nd. I see from the website that you did.
    If anyone is interested in learning more about The White Rose, Inge Scholl wrote a book of that title published 1983.

  52. Brian Ambler says:

    Just been listening to the song for Sophie Scholl. A Beautiful song in her memory. Looking forward to hearing you sing it at The Coal Aston Village Hall on the 14th March.

  53. Tony Crimes says:

    Sorry not a booking at the moment – just to say you’re a find for me – I usually steward at festivals and find your lyrics refreshing and thoughtful – you’re obviously a natural and will look out for you, and maybe arrange a booking in North Wales – ever written much about Wales?

    Thanks again enjoying the CD and researching others – regards – Tony

  54. Andi Cale says:

    Reg Meuross I love you! It doesn’t seem like long ago when, in order to recreate a well loved song, I had to play a cassette over and over again – frantically writing down random words, using a kind of shorthand, missing out words, missing out lines, and then playing again in order to fill in some of the gaps, etc etc. Now – how you spoil us. Thankyou most gratefully, and I hope to see you again soon.

  55. Ian Gill says:

    What a find ! As an ex resident of the town [12 yrs],an old colleague and mate of the late, great Tony Rose, who taught French at Wadham School for many years and an old Folkie [founder member of All Blacked Up ceilidh bad], occasional performer at Oscar’s wine bar over the years I’d love to hear this. I remember a lot of the pubs named though I gather some have been closed sine I left the town in 2005.Are you using an existing tune or composing one?

  56. Ian Gill says:

    That should read ‘band’, not ‘bad’ because we weren’t !

  57. Paul & Lyn Russell says:

    So good to hear Reg will be touring solo next year. After his performance with Phil Bear last night which was the best in the 7 years can’t wait for 2016.

  58. Charlie WERNER says:

    I have just downloaded your lyrics of England Green and England Grey. We gave Di’s brother your CD for Christmas and he is a bit of a nerd about lyrics and to find them on you website was brilliant. Many many thanks Reg. Hope to catch you in Crediton in March
    Looks like you had a great time in Oz.

    Charlie from Sandford

  59. Charlie WERNER says:

    Love the newalbum Reg
    Hope to see you at your Crediton gig in March
    Keep up the good work

  60. Reg says:

    Thank you Charlie, it was lovely to see you in Crediton. Hopefully see you again soon

  61. Pete cunningham says:

    Whewhen is Reg playing in Basingstoke or nnear Camberley

  62. Robert Markham says:

    Hi Reg
    Just like to say how much we enjoyed the gig at The Bank in Eye recently. The song about Amelia Dyer was very moving I wonder if this will be recorded soon ? Keep up the good work,hope to see you again soon.

  63. alison brown says:

    A thousand welcomes to you
    Our brothers and sisters
    may you find peace and happiness
    Love and compassion

  64. Mick Jones says:


    Chatting in a bar
    with nine of my closest friends
    from eight distant lands.

  65. Deacon Torano says:

    Reg Meuross is my uncle, and his singing his great my favourite song he sang was ”One Last Time. Keep the singing on Reg, Pippa says ”hello”. from your nephew Deacon Torano.

  66. Janna Goodwille says:

    Hi, I’ve just been a participant in one of Julian Marshalls Creative Edge performance courses this weekend and am wondering if there are any spaces on this weekend?
    Warm wishes, Janna

  67. #words of welcome via reg Meuross says:

    Come, welcome, take my hand and let us walk together side by side and leave our footprints in the sand today and every day, and let tomorrow become today, for tomorrow never comes.

    Sally Mawson 6th July 2016

  68. Caroline says:

    Interesting to see Ralph Mctell at the top of your page – the words that instantly spring to mind (hope Ralph doesn’t mind us sharing the chorus from his brilliant song)….

    So how can you tell me you’re lonely,
    And say for you that the sun don’t shine?
    Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London
    Show you something to make you change your mind

  69. Wendy Williams says:

    ‘There but for fortune go you, or I’
    Phil Ochs 1963 still true half a century later.

  70. Jonti Willis says:

    Nice piece of writing about Reg and his personal connection to Bob Dylan and his recent brush with the background of that great poet and Welsh man Dylan Thomas. Hoping for a (Bob) Dylan Song from Reg at this Saturday 13th August.

  71. Peter Krijgsman says:

    That lovely song is growing all on its own. Very prescient.

  72. shelagh taylor says:

    I love this beautiful song and I love this man who writes the most moving songs!

  73. Ben chandler says:

    my favourite is Jesus wept

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  75. Alan Hill says:

    Beautifully crafted song with thought provoking lyrics

  76. Shirley Clifton says:

    I would like to be on your mailing list

  77. Ray Bilbie says:

    Great gig at the Carrington Triange Folk Club last night Reg, I look forward to playing the cd England Green & England Grey later.

    I shall forward details of your Nurse song to my grandsons fiance who has just qualified as a nurse she will enjoy that.
    Hope to see you again sometime.

  78. Dennis Green says:

    First saw Reg at Auckland Folk Festival. Loved his songs and his singing.

  79. Michael Watson says:

    I think I have all of your back catalogue and very much look forward to your next CD. I think that one of the best reviews I have read called you the UK Paul Simon and as musician myself I concur with this!! I listen to your songs most days and intend to keep doing so.
    Very best wishes and I hope to see see you down south soon.
    Mike Watson.

  80. Jim Hawkins says:

    Hi. again. Didn’t proof read my previous comment very well…little redundant. 🙂
    Also, do you ship cd sets to the US? Thanks

  81. Julie Melia says:

    Hi Reg,
    My name is Julie. I am a folk music radio show presenter in Melbourne Australia. The name of the program is Mostly Folk Fun & Friends. I program a segment 1st & 3rd Wednesday in the month from 7 – 8pm (ESDT). I heard your beautiful song Angel in a Blue Dress on Mike Harding’s Folk Show and I would love to play it on my show. Is there anyway I could access a download? Many thanks.
    Regards and warm wishes, Julie Melia

  82. Sandra says:

    This is certainly true about you: (in the words of Robert Schumann)

    The musician’s art is to send light into the depths of men’s hearts.

  83. Well put Reg. My songwriting became the main focus of my creativity in my late 30’s when I had peers still trying to get deals and adjusting their style to fit etc. I have done ditties for kids and adult humour as well as musical theatre and currently country rockabilly. If I had been attached to an “image” I would have been stuck in one genre forever.

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  85. Martin Holroyd says:

    It’s a colossal song Reg, absolutely amazing – I love it.
    Do you know which asylum it was?

  86. Gill Cooper says:

    Well said Reg. You are one of the few people who can sum up a situation in song. A few succincnt words. Love it. Will buy the album for sure.

  87. Ian johnson says:

    Wow so powerful. This government have blood on their hands.lets get the truth out there

  88. margaret glenton says:

    The song is brilliant, heartfelt brilliantly sums up what is happening in Britain today under this government

  89. Ian Wharton says:

    What a superb and powerful song. Really shows up this horrific government for the uncaring, self-centred bunch that they are.

  90. Barbara Maynard says:

    Hi Reg – I just heard this on Radio 2 and loved it. As a former Paramedic the words really resonated with me – beautiful music and really poignant lyrics.

  91. Mathias Pack says:

    When will the album be published from Stockfisch Records?

    • Katie Whitehouse says:

      Hi Mathias, we’re still making final mixes. We will publish the date as soon as we know it. Thanks for your interest.

  92. Brian Lavery says:

    You do your job very well Reg. And long may you continue so to do.

  93. Mark Hickman says:

    Enjoyed the gig on the Isle of Wight last night. Liked hearing the old Martin and am enjoying the cd Faraway People.
    Mark Hickman.

  94. Reg, When will the Songs about a train be posted out ? says:
  95. says:

    Enjoyed seeing you at two Costa Del Folk fests and at Butlins. Missed you in the church in Sidmouth last year but saw you in the pub. Love your songs. Friend of mine told me about you. Sadly he left us in June but he had one of your songs at the funeral. Hoping to see you at Burton in January. Thanks for the songs.

  96. June says:

    Reg I only discovered you at the Gate to Southwell last year and you have become my Guru. I adore your voice and love the songs that you write. Whilst being around folk music for a large part of my life , I have only picked up a guitar in the past year or so. One of the songs that I have been playing is The Band Played Sweet Marie. What a powerful story! Your songs will , without doubt , ppl I’ve on in folk history for a very long time . Looking forward to tuning in tonight.

  97. says:

    Love to see your Play List Reg. Ive often wondered what rocked your boat..! See you (again) at The David’s Hall

    Steve and Cathy

  98. John Murray says:

    Are you not doing the Pleasance in Edinburgh now?

  99. Catherine HAITH says:

    Hi Reg. Looking 4ward 2 catching u again at the Black Lion in Epping.

  100. Andrew Wild says:

    I listened to this song as I was walking the dog and so it caught me unawares!. I found myself walking past people with tears running down my face. Reg Meuross, you are a genius. A gentle giant of music! You take the most diffficult of subjects and turn them into something beautiful.

  101. Robin Leveridge says:

    Any chance please of purchasing a signed copy without going down the German site route? Sorry, but won’t be able to go to Oxford on 13th.
    Robin (A fan – I didn’t think I’d ever say that at my age!)

  102. Ken Peers says:

    I didn’t think that these songs could be improved, but Reg has done it. These versions are fabulous.
    I can’t be at the launch, so how can I buy the CD?

  103. john wiemer says:

    Wow! Any chance of this album ever becoming a quality download or of the album ever reaching the United States? Amazing reworking of some classics. Thank you.

  104. Reg Meuross says:

    I would like to pre order 12 silk handkerchiefs

  105. Andy Thomas says:

    Just received your latest album “Reg Meuross” Have enjoyed so much.Wonderfull sound and arrangements.Hope you had a great evening in Hull,sounds a lovely project.Lookforward to seeing you again in concert before too long.

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller