Faraway People CD




Faraway People is the second (the first being December) in a trilogy of completely solo albums from Somerset singer-songwriter and storyteller through song Reg Meuross. It delivers his poignant and powerful songs with the same intimacy and authenticity of the live performances that have captivated audiences throughout the UK and abroad for nearly 30 years now. 

The album, which released as a CD on 28 July 2017 and on vinyl in October, could not be more timely. Reg comments courageously on the world we are living in now, from the ravages of austerity to the injustices of racism and the plight of refugees. He also delves into history, echoing warnings that resonate through the decades and are still relevant today. Stories told include people from living memory such as anti Nazi activist Sophie Scholl from WW2, and Michael Brown (victim of the fatal Missouri shooting in 2014) as well as ancient history (Cicero) and even a fictitious meeting between two of the artist’s greatest heroes. Amongst the protest there is beauty, love and humour. These songs spring straight from the heart of one of the UK’s finest singer-songwriters.


1.  Faraway People 04:25:35

2.  Angel In A Blue Dress 01:54:19

3. The Lonesome Death of Michael Brown 03:59:03

4. For Sophie (This Beautiful Day) 06:53:10

5. New Brighton Girl 03:08:14

6. Cicero 07:49:56

7. Refugee 05:39:09

8. In Your Arms 04:59:64

9. Leavin’ Alabama 04:39:49

10. In Dreams 05:26:70

11. Phil Ochs & Elvis Eating Lunch in Morrissons Cafe 03:26:25



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