Reg Meuross signed, bespoke songbooks

Special offer until 19th December 2013:  Buy any CD or Songbook and I will enclose a copy of the single My Name is London Town with your order.  Happy Christmas!

We had so many requests for lyrics and chords to Reg’s songs that we decided to make bespoke songbooks available and they make wonderful presents for any Reg fan…

You can choose your favourite albums, OR you can choose up to 12 of your favourite of

Reg’s songs and we will compile this bespoke selection for you.

Simply buy the book of the album/s you would like from the shopping cart options below, or if you want a bespoke book, be sure to email us with your choice of up to 12 songs.

The cost of each album song book is £10 and for a bespoke book it’s £25 inc p&p we will send you a signed copy of the lyrics and chords.


Leaves & Feathers

The Dreamed & the Drowned

All this longing



Short Stories

The Goodbye Hat


Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller