Songwriting Retreat – Reg with Findlay Napier

I’m running another beautiful songwriting retreat at Halsway Manor.

It’s 1st to 5th February – so three full concentrated days for you to focus on your songwriting and nothing else.

Halsway is a stunning location for bringing people together in a creative way and I look forward to being back in February. It’s suitable for songwriters of all levels.

Secure your place with a deposit here:

The words and ideas and thoughts that come from hard work and supportive interaction are uplifting and inspiring. It’s rewarding to help to ease people back into songs where they had perhaps become stuck or blocked in some way, and witness the sense of relief and renewed creativity. It is also hugely great to work with motivated people who have never written a song before and see the joy and satisfaction their first song brings to them and everyone around them. I’m really looking forward to working with Findlay Napier.

What people said at the end of the last retreat:

“Now I know I can do it!”

“I now have the confidence and the motivation to get on with it.”

“This was the kick start I needed to put my ideas into something concrete.”

“I’ve learnt not to complicate things in the early stages of songwriting, and to just write! Thank you for the encouragement and confidence.”

“I’m grateful for not only the excellent inspiring workshop, but the safe and encouraging environment in which I achieved my goal and have written my first ever song.”

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller