On Roslyn Banks

on roslyn banks she held me close
as the night came gently ’round
and through the trees a soft rain fell
and the silver moon looked down

she said it was the evening’s chill
that made her hold me so
but in my heart i knew it was
that i’d be gone tomorrow

the water sang a wishful song
i wished our hearts were one
she said why not if i would stay
and finish what i’d begun

but promise not what you can’t give
she begged me to confess
that i was sworn to another love
and could not answer yes

above these banks a brave king wept
and there addressed his pain
faced with defeat he made a vow
to try and try again

and as i kissed the sweetest lips
i searched for truth in vain
and fearing she might love me less
i lied and lied again

now roslyn banks are a memory
and she is far away
i pray she’ll hold me close again
at the close of some sweet day


F / Bb -F / F / Bb

F / Bb / F – C / Bb – F


F / C / Bb / F – C

F / C / Bb / C

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller