The Living Tradition

Reg Meuross - The Living Tradition #folkThe next edition of The Living Tradition contains a quadruple page feature on my songs and writing. I had great time talking to the wonderful editor, Fiona Heywood, at Costa Del Folk. We shared some wine, stories and plenty of laughter, shaded from the Spanish sun between performances. Fiona writes: “His ability to tell a story in a very human way through his songwriting, and his honest and intimate performances, won him many new admirers throughout the week, and I certainly won’t be missing any chance to see him again if I can help it” and “Though he openly confesses that he’s “not a tardy”, Reg is a regular visitor at folk clubs and festivals up and down the country and his songs fit perfectly in the folk genre. They tell stories of real people and real situations in a way that is direct and accessible, his melodies are instantly catchy, often with a good chorus, and he isn’t averse to the more political side of things either.” Get a copy here:

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller