Nurse – Angel In A Blue Dress, by Reg Meuross

Here is a brand new song that I wrote in response to a friend caught up directly in the current NHS crisis. If you are in any doubt as to the seriousness of this issue or have been even slightly hoodwinked by the government spin on it, please read the piece that Katie Whitehouse has written to accompany the song here:

The nurse who sent the original message that inspired the song has messaged since: “The song has brought tears to my eyes, because it is gentle and kind and true, on a day when I was tired of being tough and tired and strong. Mostly I felt relief that somebody was listening. There is an army of angels right now needing a voice like this. When there seems to be chaos coming from those we look to lead us, that is exactly when real musicians and artists need to speak out. We really need the support of the public.”

So please listen and please share.
Thank you, Reg.

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