Reg Meuross testimonials

“I’ve been around the folk scene in this part of the world for over 50 years, and back in the early days every folk club had songs by people like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Ralph McTell. 
When I knew that Reg was coming to Raising the Rafters, I did a sort of unofficial ‘audit’ of every folk club that I went to, and every one had at least one Reg Meuross song…. They have become folk club standards just like those of the early songwriters….. England Green and England Grey, Sophie, this Beautiful Day, And Jesus Wept, My Name is London Town  to name but a few….. at our big Macmillan concert in January Reg’s song “Sweet Marie” was turned into a piece of dramatic theatre.
Probably the greatest folk musician of the Twentieth Century, Woody Guthrie, came up with what I think is the gold standard definition of a folk singer. He said “The Job of a Folk Singer is to Comfort the Disturbed and to Disturb the Comfortable”. This man does both with consummate skill and beauty …….. Reg Meuross”
Andrew Wild – Raising The Rafters – With

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller