ENGLAND GREEN & ENGLAND GREY – Reg Meuross new album launch

THE LONDON LAUNCH of Reg’s new album will be Friday 18th July at St Pancras Old Church London – with a wonderful line up of Roy Dodds, Simon Edwards & Jess Vincent. Tickets HERE.

This new work deals with topics such as dementia (with a commentary on the subject Counting My Footsteps To You); it commemorates the centenary of WW1, with an unromanticised account of the story of Flora Sandes (the only woman to fight in that war); it tells the tale of the bandleader and his violin both lost in the Titanic disaster, The Band Played Sweet Marie; and it delivers an anthem for our times: England Green and England Grey.

The maturity of Reg’s writing, and the courage with which he deals with some difficult topics, is revealed here. Reg is one of this country’s greatest songwriters at the very top of his game.


Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller