Fatea Awards 2013 – Announcements 8 Jan 2014 8pm!

I am honoured to have been shortlisted, along with Chris Wood & Gavin Davenport in the Male Vocalist Of the Year category

The awards show will be broadcast on ACOUSTIC SPECTRUM from 8pm on Weds 8th Jan.


Fatea say: “Each award of a shortlist of three and we congratulate all artists on our shortlist as well as the many others that were nominated and every singer-songwriter and band that released music or performed live during 2013.”


Album Of The Year 2013 Nominees

Chase The Night – Sean Taylor
Fire & Fortune – Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
Tooth And Nail – Billy Bragg

Single/EP/Mini Album Of The Year 2013 Nominees
A Scene Of Plenty – Keston Cobbler’s Club
Chasing Tales – Jo Bywater
My Own Little Piece Of Sky – Marina Florance

Track/Song Of The Year 2013 Nominees
Anny Bonny – Jess Vincent
Shipping Song – Lisa Knapp
The Dark Morris Song – Steeleye Span

Debut Album Of The Year 2013 Nominees
Fabian Holland – Fabian Holland
Lay Your Dark Low – Salt House
Out Of The Black – Tiki Black

Instrumental Album Of The Year 2013 Nominees
Cartography – Threepenny Bit
Charge – Monster Ceilidh

Female Vocalist Of The Year 2013 Nominees
Ange Hardy
Emily Barker
Lucy Ward

Male Vocalist Of The Year 2013 Nominees
Chris Wood
Gavin Davenport
Reg Meuross

Band/Duo Of The Year 2013 Nominees
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin
Roving Crows

Instrumentalist Of The Year 2013 Nominees
Sam Sweeney
Tim Edey
Will Pound

Innovation 2013 Nominees
Folkstock Arts Foundation
Songs From The Shed

Tradition 2013 Nominees
The Beautiful Old Turn Of The Century Songs – Various Artists
The Full English
The New Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs

Festival Of The Year 2013 Catagories
Urban Festival
Country Festival
Indoor Festival
Village Festival
Interactive Festival

Lifetime Achievement Award
Announced on the night

3 Responses to Fatea Awards 2013 – Announcements 8 Jan 2014 8pm!

  1. Mel Langton says:

    Congratulations Reg,

    so very well deserved : )

    Looking forward to seeing you soon at the
    Waveney FC

    Kindest regards,


  2. Pauline MItchell says:

    Hi Reg, firstly congratulations on the FATEA award win, along with Ange Hardy who won the female award as you know. Ange is quite a fan of yours as I am, I’m also a fairly new but enthusiastic fan of hers as well. I have recently bought your ‘All This Longing ‘ album and coming from Bristol my first listen was to the song you wrote based on the Boy Poet Thomas Chatterton, who of course came from Redcliffe but sadly died in a garrett in London aged just 18. I have now read the words to this lovely song, using a modern day Tom as the topic matter and his love for the original Thomas. I love this song very much as coming from Bristol I know the story of Thomas Chatterton and of course have been in St Mary Redcliffe church quite a few times. If you have time can you let me / us know why you were inspired to write this song, but I assume it was partially as you too know of the short, sad life of Thomas Chatterton. Thanks in advance for any information you can share. Lastly I also love your songs ‘ My Name Is London Town ‘ which is on your ‘Leaves and Feathers ‘ album which I have on order, as the video to it is as excellent as the song lyrics and melody. I also appreciate your song ‘ Counting My Steps To You ‘ and I have shared the video of you singing it on the balcony of the Sidmouth CC on 26 June last year. My husband Paul,who I was married to for 43 years, passed away on 9 October 2012 in Southmead Hospital here in Bristol. For the last 6 years of his life he had Alzeimer’s disease progressively getting worse of course until he couldn’t remember us, but we looked after him at home until the final week when he had to be hospitalized and he died of a combination of End-stage Alzheimer’s disease and Bronchopneumonia. The words to this song express how Paul would have been mentally to a degree and although the words are a bit upsetting to listen to they nevertheless explain how people with this dreadful illness become. Paul was just 65 years old so far too young to leave his family and friends. Are there any plans to record this song please, as I will certainly buy any album it features on. You may like to know that a friend of mine in St Paul, Minnesota, USA listened to this song on FB and she said she likes it very much. Sorry this has been a long comment but hope you have found the time to read it all. Keep up the excellent song writing. I believe Ange is coming to see you soon and no doubt will have a chat with you. She told me she met you briefly awhile ago. Thanks very much for your beautiful songs. Best wishes, Pauline Mitchell,Henbury, Bristol.

    • Reg says:

      Dear Pauline,

      Thankyou for taking the time to write. Firstly i’m very sorry to hear the news of your husband. i have played a few care homes now and seen the devastating effects dementia can have on both the patient and the families. Thankyou for sharing the song, it has had some very positive reactions.

      Redcliffe Boy was written to express my opinion that it was very unlikely Thomas committed suicide. I wrote it in that manner because i am aware how young impressionable people are inclined to follow their heroes and because tom was in a way the first ‘Rock n roll suicide’ i was aware that many younger people admired him more for the nature of his death than his work. i believe tom was a brilliant, intelligent young man with everything to live for and that his death was an accident caused by an overdose of arsenic, administered in a laudanum haze to treat the SDi that he had.

      Best Wishes, Reg

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