up in her kitchen above the commotion
emily stands with her hands in the sink
and watches the sun go down over the westway
the sky and her hands an identical pink

four stories down in the west london traffic
jack turns the wheel on the last corner home
he’s tired of this journey he’s tired of this living
tired of the city that clings to his bones
and he’s home

emily waits for familiar footsteps
soft like an old song he taps on the door
she’s stared on these rooftops for thousands of sunsets
and longs for the beating of waves on the shore

jack kisses her and she kisses him back
his eyes fall upon the small suitcase she’s packed
they’re not coming back home

they drive through the night past the farms and the small towns
under the stars of a warm western night
the children are grown and they’ve saved enough money
emily knows what they’re doing is right

jack holds her close in the seaside hotel
the beat of the ocean takes him away
back to the love and a reason for living
emily dreams of the sun on the bay
twenty five years they just left it behind
to save the love they took twenty five years to find
and they’re home




D / Bm / Em / A

D / Bm / Em / A


D / G / A

D / A / D


A / G-D

A / Bm-A / A

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller