I Am What I Am

I Am What I Am

Forgive me for wondering recently if I made an error in pursuing a life of creativity in order to nourish and immerse my wayward soul in the sharing of poetry, melody, wisdom, clarity, beauty, sympathy, harmony, compassion, energy, dignity, history, story- telling, philosophy, teaching, peaceful protest, social/political comment, celebration, joy, dancing, tribute, cultural history, and in doing, to provide entertainment, a sense of camaraderie, unity and solidarity, love and support….

Did I leave anything out?

In response to Rishi Sunak’s suggestion that those in the Arts should consider retraining, and the subsequent ad campaign – Rethink. Reskill. Reboot…

I Am What I Am
(with new verse)

I am what I am
I’m not a cop or a magician
I sing and write songs
I’m not a clown or politician
it’s my world
I’ll fill my space the way I am used to
It’s my world
I’ll live my life the way I choose to
I don’t give a damn what the fools think
I am what I am

Reg x

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller