Maverick Magazine – Leaves & Feathers Review by Alan Cackett Sept/Oct 2013

An exquisite album that features the words and voice of Reg Meuross, a skilled guitarist and fine singer-songwriter

Vastly underrated as a singer, songwriter and guitarist because he is too ‘nice and pleasant’ in his vocal delivery, Reg Meuross is without doubt one of the UK’s finest ‘unknown and under-appreciated’ singer-songwriters. Those who get him are growing in number, but after more than 20 years of traversing these Isles, playing low- key gigs, he has more than paid his dues and fully deserves wider public recognition. This is his eighth album and was recorded at the famed Abbey Studios in London. Despite the use of such a prestige location, nothing is over-done here. There’s no pompous attempt to play up to the surroundings, instead gentle acoustic guitars, dulcimer, banjo, harmonica and cello flourishes lend just the right layers to the superbly-written songs.

The songs could best be termed short stories set to music. But unlike most story-telling songwriters, Reg clothes his stories in memorable melodies, coming up with tunes that infiltrate the mind as the lyrics affect the heart. It’s a compelling combination that only a very few singer- songwriters achieve time after time. As this album plays through it becomes more and more difficult to pick one song out at the expense of any of the others. I will say that If You Wanna Be Mine has a powerful and poignant poetic tone that illuminates more about the nature of love and relationships in a few minutes than several books on the subject ever could. The sad tale of Weary Jane is concealed by the melodic arrangement that makes the story even more poignant. My Name Is London Town is a clever and very intelligently written song, yet still has much heart and soul within those lyrics that will embrace you with pride tinged with sadness and regret for what we have lost in the march of progress.

A genuine triple threat as singer, songwriter and guitarist, Reg Meuross has produced a minor masterpiece. The combination of the introspective lyrics and rich musical textures should please those looking for something that is mellow without being insignificant or dull. Above all else, this is an intimate album that should be widely embraced by all and sundry.

Alan Cackett

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller