New Video: My Name Is London Town – in the library at Cecil Sharp House

It was great to spend a day at Cecil Sharp House last Summer with GemsOnVHS. Here’s one of the videos we made, My Name Is London Town.
I’m back in London at Bush Hall on February 28th. Would be great to see you! TICKETS HERE.

This is what Anthony of GemsonVHS says:

“Reg Meuross is the truest sense of folk music. He writes songs about people, for people. That’s what folk music is – the people’s music. It tells our stories, it protests with us, it marches with us. In the early days we had legends like Woody, we had union songs and ballads. Now folk music is often relegated to a Spotify playlist for anything with an acoustic guitar, just another genre of music. If you know its history, though, it’s so much more. It’s a living, breathing movement, it’s a snapshot of the here and the now, it gives voice to those who can’t be heard.

That’s Meuross. He writes of common men and women, of immigrants and workers, tragedy and triumphs. He’s a torch bearer of a legacy many have forgotten about. This song is about his observations and time living in London. I met Reg on my trip to England with Josh Okeefe when the two of them played a show in a tiny tavern from the 1600s. We decided we’d meet later, in London, at the Cecil Sharp House library. In that hallowed collection are the notebooks and writings of Cecil Sharp, the Lomax of England. He would travel the country far and wide collecting folk songs and tales of everyone he could meet. There was so much history in that damn room, y’all know it took everything in me not to pick up every dusty tome in the room and pour through the pages like a 12 year old boy looking through his father’s Playboy magazines.

I didn’t, so maybe we will be welcome back sometime.”

Video below.

Reg Meuross is currently touring with new album 12 Silk Handkerchiefs, plus a very special London date at Bush Hall Music on February 28th: THIS IS REG – the definitive Reg Meuross.
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