Reg Meuross live session on BBC Radio 2 Folk Show – listen again here

Thank you so much all you gorgeous folk who listened and who’ve taken the time to comment on my appearance on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show on 17 Jan. I’ve never been to Salford Quays before so that was slightly unnerving and then the full electronic scan by the BBC security was also a first. They let me take my small 50’s penknife in though!

I was met by Sarah & Jon who couldn’t have been more welcoming and helpful. The main topic was what I would be allowed to sing. England Green had previously been disallowed owing to its political commentary – and possibly the line ‘I don’t believe the BBC’, but that didn’t seem to be a problem. (for the record that line is a reference to the Lemon Tree operation and the admission by so many BBC employers of their knowledge of Saville’s activities) Faraway People was another story though. The lyric had to be checked by several BBC editors. The issue being that it clearly points the finger of blame at the current Tory government for the deaths of the named victims of austerity and benefit cuts as well as the other unnamed thousands. Jon explained that BBC policy was to offer a balance so as to be impartial. The thing is there are no Tory folk songs that either he or I could think of that address or defend these policies so it was a matter of publish and be damned, and fair play to them that was their decision.

I’ve done quite a lot of radio, particularly to DJs who are more interested in their script than their guest so Mark Radcliffe’s enthusiasm is a genuine breath of fresh air. He is genial and engaging and he knows his onions! We had passionate discussions off air about Hank Williams, Dylan Thomas, Tom Waits etc and I was impressed by his deep understanding of the music he presents. Chris the engineer did a beautiful job of making my 1940’s Martin sound as it should and your feedback after was music to my soul. Thank you and see you out there some time soon. LISTEN AGAIN HERE 

Reg xx

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller