Review ENGLAND GREEN & ENGLAND GREY by Tamsin Rosewell Radio Warwickshire

The first review of England Green & England Grey and it’s a beauty:

“This collection of songs is beautiful; fascinatingly lovely and utterly captivating.

….music that explodes into a thousand pretty flowers to seduce you, and then pricks you all over with tiny thorns to remind you that where there is beauty there is also pain.

This album is an important one; for his careful political expression alone, we should hold this artist in high esteem. 

…. this is social philosophy as it should be: politics expressed with love and emotion

……the lyrics are so well chosen that, even when you’ve listened a dozen times and begin to think that you know this song now, they continue to unfurl themselves, petal by petal, to reveal nuances of narrative and depths of colour that keep on surprising you. The storytelling is superb……

It has a pastoral quality too; ( but for me it) [that] evokes the jewel-coloured, shadowy and torn landscapes of William Blake and Samuel Palmer, full of religious dread and political turbulence.”

FULL REVIEW by Tamsin Rosewell:

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  1. Pauline ( Paw) Mitchell says:

    Hi, I now have the new album by Reg entitled ‘ England Green & England Grey ‘ and would like to be able to read the lyrics to the 12 songs on it. Unfortunately they aren’t included in the liner notes but it does say that lyrics ara available on Reg’s website. However I can’t seem to find them there, just lyrics from songs on previous albums. Maybe I’m not looking properly so can anyone advise me where to find the lyrics to the new songs please. Thanks, Paw x

  2. Tamsin says:

    Hi Pauline, did you find them? I think they are all here:

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