The man in the moon

i took a walk one night just to ease my head
i had a lot of things on my mind
a lot of words that hadn’t been said
i sat down on a cemetery bench
to watch the clouds roll by
seemed to be just me and the moon
and he seemed to be staring me straight in the eye
was it the words in my head looking for a little space
or did i hear a still small voice
coming from the big white face
he said

i am the man in the moon let me be your light
i will listen til the sun comes up all through the cold dark night
i am the man in the moon who do you want me to be
i’ll be your friend if you need a friend bring your troubles to me

i know you’re gonna say that i must be crazy
that i gotta be crazy to believe
that theirs somebody up there somewhere
and he’s been talking to me
some believe in a god and a freedom of choice
i believe in the power of the light
and the power of the still small voice
cos when i needed hope and when i needed faith
i looked up to the brilliant sky and that beautiful face

the sun comes up and everybody gets happy
giving thanks for a brand new day
i can’t wait til the sun goes down and i hear my new friend say
you can be blue if you want to
talk about yourself just as long as you like
come to me if you don’t feel sunny
everybody needs a little moonlight

E / A / B / E

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller