The priest’s letter

as i walked one night where the ships come in
i saw someone walk before me
he was quick & slight though I bid goodnight
he had chosen to ignore me

i’d come to this place on the run from love
in the hope i might forget her
my attention turned to the running man
in his hand he held a letter

and he placed it there in the harbour wall
with the starsick sailors wishes
sealed in navy blue with a lie or two
and a million homesick kisses

as he turned to leave i could see the face
of a priest in agitation
did he fear for thee or the raging sea?
was his plea repatriation?


D /


G / A / D / G

A / Bm / D / A / A

G / A / D / G /

Bm / D / A / D


G / A / G / D

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller