Today I sang with the angels

Today I sang with the angels.

Today I sang with the angels.

I’m in Tuscany for a few days and today I sang in this cathedral in the Etruscan town of Volterra. A perfectly domed ceiling crying out for notes, like the dioramas or – I think the whispering gallery of St Pauls – where you could sing a root note, then a third then a fifth and all notes would remain in a perfect chord.. – like a perfectly organic and acceptable kind of ‘looping’

To have a singing voice is definitely a gift which I don’t deny, but to be in a place like this you realise that it doesn’t matter about the quality of your voice but just your will to make yourself heard.. in such a beautiful place you have no right to be ugly..we all have to shape up!

If you had a willing singing partner, like I did you could sing a scale or a phrase in harmony and the voices of angels would sing back. Today I sang with the angels.

Reg x

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller