With love we can all make a difference – Happy Easter

Cable CarLast week I rode the London Cable car across the Thames from the O2 Arena (where an Adele t shirt with the word ‘HELLO’ on it cost £30)

The number of vast new spacious buildings that had sprung up like magic beans since I lived in London was overwhelming. I was looking out over a massively thriving city where commerce is king and money the only true flag of this nation of opulence and inequality. But today in Britain there are people actually dying on the streets from malnutrition, cold, disease and simply from being cast out and unloved.

The government who allow this inequality to expand are charged with our care and safety and the care of the old and sick and poor, yesterday a woman in her 80’s was evicted from her home of 60 years. – and Cameron preaches to us about ‘Christian values’ – Just a few miles from our shores thousands of desperate refugees live in squalor and degradation, and instead of being nourished and cared for they are rejected and treated like freeloaders and animals. Later that day I played at ‪#‎Concerttocalais‬ to raise supplies and awareness for these poor people, and it occurred to me that the biggest divide in this country is between those who have empathy and understanding and concern for their fellow humans and those who care only about success, power, money and themselves. “One of the most basic human rights is for somewhere safe and stable to live”

The one simple truth is we come into this world alone and alone we leave and with love we can all make a difference for the better no matter how small.

Happy Easter Everyone. x

Reg Meuross Singer Songwriter Storyteller