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GemsOnVHS releases first of 3 Reg Meuross videos filmed at Cecil Sharp House

With a love of authentic songwriting, passionate people and out of the ordinary stuff it’s no wonder that Antony Simpkins, founder of GemsOnVHS which is spearheading a new wave of DIY Americana on youtube, was immediately drawn to Reg Meuross when they met … Continue reading

New Video: My Name Is London Town – in the library at Cecil Sharp House

It was great to spend a day at Cecil Sharp House last Summer with GemsOnVHS. Here’s one of the videos we made, My Name Is London Town. I’m back in London at Bush Hall on February 28th. Would be great … Continue reading

Save Independent Music Venues – Fightback at the Roundhouse 18 Oct 2016

I see independent music venues as the lifeblood of new & established creative music in Britain. Without them the corporates & the X-Factor style TV shows will win their fight to persuade the music buying public that music is simply … Continue reading